...since 1984 FARP Elettronica was founded in the Canavese area during the Golden Age of Olivetti.

The founding partners brought with them the experiences and know how acquired within Olivetti together with the enthusiasm and passion of young entrepreneurs.

It was the time of Olivetti M20 and M24, among the first and most successful PCs in the world, available only with 5,25” Floppy Disk.

FARP founders started to design and manufacture Add-in HDU Controllers for driving external Hard Disks to allow the expansion of storage to PCs requiring it.

Since then, FARP mission has been to exploit niche markets for offering solutions, products and services not easily available from the market.

Throughout the years, FARP has adapted its offer to the IT market needs; going from the design and manufacture of HW components, to solutions for systems upgrade,  to PCs and Servers assembly focusing on Corporate, Resellers, Public Administration, Education markets.

Today FARP leads its focus markets with Custom Servers, Workstations, Storage, PCs using high reliability and long life components.